Webgallery exhibition at NTA

vernissage_kristin saeterdal

Take a look at my new online exhibition!

I’m currently doing an online exhibition at the Nordic textile art gallery.

I thought it important to convey some thing other than the tactile surface, and the mere presence of the work that so often are qualities mentioned in connection with a textile exhibition. I choose to show three projects and a video I made about each of them.

Usually, almost always actually, the public encountering one of my tapestries ask the question: how long did it take to complete it? This is true for old and young, and even other artists ask me this question. I used to be a bit fed up with this, because when I exhibit my work I am more interested in the reaction to the image, not the process of making it.

Time is banal but also an important part of our short lives. I have realised that I had to answer the publics question, and started to make short videos of the process of making a tapestry.

The making is for me a personal process in the studio that gives me both head-aces and joy. The satisfaction of producing something that will outlive me is an aspect that I do not think about often, but still it is very crucial.

The first video was the Red Capsule, it was meant to be very short. The next was Remembrance of the Sun, and here I wanted to document the process of making so that it became clear. In the last video I was more interested in the process of developing an idea through sketching and thinking.

The making of videos has ironically a great impact on the weaving-process. I have to think about how I look, if the studio is tidy, the light has to be good etc. The weaving process is interrupted by constantly getting up to turn on and off the camera.