Year: 2016
Size: 170 x 52 cm
Materials: Wool, Linen

The work Wreckage shows an unknown landscape looked upon from the window of a technical environment. The landscape has a radiant yellow colour, and burning bits of wreckage are scattered about. The smoke rises quiet as if the sound bar has been slided down to zero.
The signs imply that some kind of crash might has happened a short while ago, and a question rises: what is next? how to get to the next level? The frame is a common tool to put distance between the motif and the environment around it, it is also used as a decorative element in traditional textiles such as carpets. In the work Wreckage, the frame is a part of the room where the spectator is standing, the spectator gets involved in the the work by being in the control room.


• FI19, Fiberart 2019 Pittsburgh PA, USA 2019
• Collect Art fair, London 2017, by FORMAT gallery
• Scene view Navigation, at FORMAT gallery 2017

Location: Privat Collection