Very Rare Figures Upon This Earth

Year: 2009
Size: Five circles Ø 75cm spread out on a large wall
Materials: Wool, Linen, MDF

Different figures, some familiar, some more obscure, are floating around in a space without horizon. The man with too many balls in his head, and his pitch machine, the coffee grinder from Duchamp. It is a flexible work that can grow and fit many walls and make different constalations. The title is inspired by the Painter Francis Picabia. He uses this title on a painting in 1915: Very Rare Pictures Upon This Earth. This series evolved over 4 years, and ended up as a public art project at Osterøy Secondary School. Art Consultant was Mikkel Wettre.


• Kunstristen 2005.
• Hå gamle prestegård, Jæren, Norway, 2006.
• Lørenskog Kunstforening, Gallery Skårer, Lørenskog, 2009.
• American tapestry biennale no.6. ”atb6”. Three venues in USA, 2006-2007.

Location: Purchased for The Osterøy Secondary School, Norway