The Red Capsule

Year: 2011
Size: 1,6 x 6 meters
Materials: Wool, linen

Is Technology going to save us from the dangers of man-made problems such as global warming and storage of nuclear waste? Technology, machines and mechanical engineering are often used as a contrast to the biological, the living and the irrational. The Red Capsule expresses a hermetic existence, everything is controlled and “artificial”. Panels conceal what is really happening. For example, pressing a button will have unforeseen consequences.


• Soloexhibition at Tronhjems Kunstforening 2016
• Soloexhibition at Vestfold kunstsenter, Tønsberg, 2012
• Soloexhibition at Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær, 2011.
• The Annual Norwegian State Fall Exhibition, The ”Høstutstillingen 2011”.

Location: The Collection of Nordenfjeldske Museum of Art & Craft, Trondheim.