The Dump


The Dump is a hand-woven tapestry. I have chosen to make this tapestry from a photo I took of a landfill in Maine USA in 2017. The image shows entangled garbage, just as it appeared that moment, when I took the photo.

The rubbish in the pile is infiltrated into each other and forms a whole, where something protrudes, and something escapes the sunlight inside the darkness of the pile. In such a pile there is a certain sorting and logic. The mound appears chaotic, but the rubbish submits to the forces of nature. Gravity and chance have worked together since the pile was created. The rubbish, together with the materials that cracked or shattered when something new was released on top of them, forms a pile of pockets of air and cavities in between.

Such a pile of rubbish can, in the same way as experiences in life, be overwhelming and chaotic, like layers of unprocessed emotions, problems or relationships that filter into each other.

The Dump also bears references to environmental issues.
I spend 9 months in the loom, from April 2021 to February 2022, to create the work.