The Communication-Noitacinummoc

The Communication-Noitacinummoc
Year: 2004
Size: 75cmx 150cm
Materials: Wool, Linen, MDF

Two funnels, both collecting signals and sending dem out again transformed, like sender and reciever. This is how we communicate, what we send out comes back altered and distorted and changed. Where is the content of the message when it has left the sender and not yet reached the reciever? How is it possible to understand each other at all? The sender and the reciever has to be somehow compatible. The two circles of the format, and the two ellipses in the motif plays with perspective and with the perfection of the circle. The circle is only a circle when looked upon from one precise angle. From all other angles they look like ellipses.


Norwegian State Annual Fall Exhibition 2004, Solo Exhibition at Kunstristen 2005

Location: Private collection