Temperature calendar

Temperature calendar by Kristin Sæterdal
Year: 2003
Size: 0,2 x 14 meter
Materials: Wool, linen

Temperature calendar is a conseptual visualisation derived from meteorologic information about temperature. The information contains average day and night temperatures througout the year in Oslo from 1937 to 2002. The tapestry shows 365 days and 365 nights, 730 colored areas. Every temperature, from –8 til +23 celsius is given it’s own color. That is 30 different colors and 30 different temperatures going from brown to grey, to white, yellow and orange. Using two temperature-readings for each day (the warmest and the coldest) gives the tapestry a more interesting expression and a stripe-effect. The warm tones representing the day temperature (every second stripe) moves in a different pace than the stripes representing the night temperatures.


Land Australia 2008, Artapestry

Location: Artists Studio, for sale.