Peepholes into Another World

Peepholes In To Another World by Kristin Sæterdal
Year: 2006
Size: Five circles, Ø 75cm
Materials: Wool, Linen, MDF

The five circles in “Peepholes into Another World” can be put together in different ways creating different shapes and forms. The circular format can be interpreted as a lens in a camera, a microscope or a window in a ship or submarine. Through the circles one can look into another parallel world. The viewer will fill in the missing parts and complete the picture, and perhaps the imagination of the viewer ads something to this other world.


• Nord-Trøndelag Fylkesmuseum, 2009.
• Soloexhibition at Lørenskog Kunstforening,
• Gallery Skårer, Lørenskog, 2009,
• Hå gamle prestegård, Jæren, 2006,
• Galleri Format, Oslo, 2007

Location: Private collection, Helsinki, Finland