Horror Vacui

Horror-Vacui by Kristin Sæterdal
Year: 2004
Size: 150cm x 200cm
Materials: Wool, linen

”Horror vacui” means ”The compulsion to make marks in every space”.( In Latin it means ”Fear of the empty space”. The empty space is an anonymous space. In this space I make my own marks. In this project I search for and investigate my own pattern, to find my personal language. I was interested in the possibility to make a pattern that follows certain rules, but at the same time it grows to be a unike sample of its kind. A little bit like genes gives us a certain fundamental starting point and then we develop in symbiosis withe the surroundings.


Kunstristen 2005, Hå gamle prestegård, Jæren, Norway, 2006

Location: Privat Collection.