The Red Capsule

The technology is today’s new religion. It will save us from the dangers that threaten our little blue planet be it natural disasters or man-made problems such as global warming and storage of nuclear waste. The question is whether we believe it or not. The last year has called infallible technology failed on both the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico and in Fukushima, Japan. Technology, machines and mechanical engineering are often used as a contrast to the living and the irrational. Technology should be used and controlled by humans but what about human error?

The Red Capsule expresses a hermetic existence, everything is controlled and “artificial”.

Panels conceal what is really happening. For example, pressing a button will have uncontrolled consequences. Life on Earth is a closed ecosystem, as in a space ship where everything is dependent on a balanced cycle.

In The Red Capsule is the most seats empty. Where are the others? Can the work also be interpreted as an expression of one individual’s loneliness and need for control over her own life?

The Red Capsule