Public Art

Trivselshagen in Sandane, Satellites

Satellites are the answer to themes suggested in the Public-art plan. It is the wish to strengthen the impulses from the outside world and to stimulate to creativity and curiosity.
Satellites make modern communication possible. In a Fjord like Sandane there are no horizon, one has to bend the neck and look up to see the sky where satellites circulate and send all the information you can ever ask for.
Tapestry is a reminder that our bodies are still tied to time and space while modern medias transcends this barrier.

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Fritt Ord Foundation Glass Elevator

Public art project at ”Fritt ord” Foundation, Freedom of Expression, parkveien 2 Oslo.
The project is done in cooperation with Niels Marius Askim, Askim & Lanto Architects.
The elevator, placed centrally in the stairwell has got a white coat of white lasercut plexi.
It is letting light into the elevator and making it possible to see the movement of the elevator from the outside.

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