“Space Debris” acquired by The City of Oslo Art Collection. 

photo: Eivind Lauritzen

I discovered how much space debris orbits the Earth. This is dangerous, and the thought that humanity not only pollutes the planet but also space is saddening! I wanted to highlight this issue by weaving a large tapestry: Space Debris.

The piece is woven on a vertical loom. The technique is tapestry weaving, where each thread is hand-inserted into the loom. It took me nine months to weave it, and I dyed the yarn from Norwegian Spelsau wool.

The film about how the piece was created has been shown in cinemas in Australia and Europe through The Craft Film Festival Reel to Reel. I recommend watching the short film (10 min.) about how and why the piece was created. The film can also be shown at Tendenser 2024: