Sandesundsveien School: Friend


[fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] The commission “Friend” to Sandesundsveien School in Sarpsborg, Norway is finally completed and installed. After more than a year of planning and weaving it was great to see it installed in it’s niche in the Schools main hall. The work is about Friendship and shows two friends parachuting hand in hand. They are on their way to School, represented by the red mark on the Google map, and they do the brave jump because when you have a friend you can be brave. The parachutes look a bit like school-rucksacks. In both ends of the almost nine meter long Tapestry, there are two winds blowing the clouds, inspired by old medieval maps. I have had the wish to combine both the present virtual reality with both fairytales and realism in one piece.

kunstneren_venn montering_venn venn_med_gutt venn2 Venn3