Remembrance of the Sun

SONY DSCI make large tapestries with motives that portray archetypal elements from landscape and architecture. The language of popular culture, Science fiction films, cartoons, computer games etc. inspires me. I omit super heroes, text and other narrative elements, so it’s just the environment, architecture, landscape, scenography that alone forms the motif. The Spectators herself can be the subject of the work. In the comics, the content is already abstracted and filtered, so that the visual world becomes clearer. The archetypal elements carry the clear message of certain qualities and particular meaning, whether it is the cave, the tall rock, the control room, a lunar landscape, or a desert as in “The Blue Control Room”, or the Grotto, as in Remembrance of the Sun. I have also been inspired by Plato, the allegory of the cave, and by Salomon Gessner “Die doppelte Grotte”. The ray of artificial light penetrates into the darkness and mysteries of the cave.