Remembrance of the Sun to Hammer School, Lørenskog


Remembrance Hammer school 01

Remembrance of the Sun has been purchased for Hammer Secondary School in Lørenskog. I am very happy to see my work move from the studio to it’s home. I made this work for a solo-show at RAM gallery in 2012. It was installed hanging in the middle of the room, and could bee seen from both sides. The work is 1,5×4 meters big, and it took some 400 hours to weave it. The cave or grotto is an archetypal motif in both art history and popular culture. In this case it is a double cave, with multiple choices as to where to go to the next level. The cave has no natural light and it has got hidden secrets. One reference is Platos Allegory of the Cave, and there are many other interpretations. The cave was Mankind’s first dwelling place. The spacecraft is about to enter the cave, and the light beam can symbolise the intervention of modern science and technology.

Hope it is well recived at Hammer School!   The Art Consultants: Bjørn Bjarre and Jenny Alnæs.