Opening night at Haugesund Museum of Fine Art

[fbshare type=”button” float=”left” width=”100″] Great opening night at Haugesund Museum of Fine Art/Haugesund Art Association! It was packed with people, more than a hundred showed up on a stormy Friday night. The lighting in the exhibition hall is very good so all the color nuances could be enjoyed.

The Art Association in Haugesund is more than a hundred years old and has many members. The building is quite unique and was designed by the Architect David Sandved.

Thanks for a wonderfull night and so many good words and an excellent dinner at Lothes Restaurant.

opening night Kristin Sæterdal

exhibition Kristin Sæterdal
Entrance to the Exhibition
Exhibition Kristin Sæterdal
With all the furniture specially designed
All Museums need a Pocéstop
Nice Architecture
So nice to have a big space
Professional pictures will be added later

From the hanging of the exhibition