No Signal, Brown

Year: 2017 Size: Materials: Wool, Linen, found computer screen, spraypaint About: Tapestry on painted computerscreen. 2017 Exhibitions: Scene View Navigation, at Gallery Format Location: Available for purchase, contact Gallery Format

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World of Threads Festival 2016

[fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] I am off to Canada today to be at the opening of this amazing Festival, 7 exhibitions featuring 315 artworks by 134 artists from Austria, Australia,

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New Work: No Signal

No signal is different from my other work. It is a tapestry mounted inside an old flatscreen tv. This Happened: After a burglary in the building where I have my studio, a broken tv-screen landed outside my door and was left there for almost a year until I took it in and emptied it for it’s content.

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Sandesundsveien School: Friend

[fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] The commission “Friend” to Sandesundsveien School in Sarpsborg, Norway is finally completed and installed. After more than a year of planning and

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