New show: Surveillance at Kunstbanken, Hamar

My work is on show at Kunstbanken Hedmark Artcenter in Hamar from November until 30. December 2018. The show contains 18 works in all, and many of them is exhibited for the first time.

The series Surveillance that has given the name to the exhibition contains 10 smaller tapestries that are framed in computer screens. The images are takes form surveillance footage on the internet. I am interested in the angle of the camera from above and the fisheye effect. The low resolution and dark images are making the viewer mistrustful of the human being on screen. Its activities become threatening even though the persons actions are legitimate. Just seeing the room vacant makes the viewer uneasy. The monitor frame is painted the same dark tone as the tapestry.

Another new tapestry in the exhibition is called Space Debris. Space Debris or Space Junc is lost objects from human activity in space. Most of them are in circulation around the earth in or near the original orbit they were put in.This enormous number of garbage in orbit creates a very dangerous situation that has to be solved. Sæterdal has woven a large handwoven tapestry to put focus on the situation. Large and small pieces of trash from recognizable mechanical parts to abstract broken forms float in a room modelled in orange tones. The work is 200 x 260 cm.