Manuel Mode exhibition at Trondhjems kunstforening

Melancholy_Trondheim01_2016[fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] Thursday 31.3-2016 was the opening of my exhibition at Trondhjems kunstforening. I am very proud that it is part of the meta. morf biennial 2016-“it is nice to be in orbit!!”. The biennial is arranged by TEKS Trondheim Electronic Art Centre and as the technology of the tapestry is old, the themes of my work is dealing with future technology and how it will change how we live. I was in the town of Trondheim all week installing the exhibition and taking part in other events of the biennale, visiting all the exhibitions, and have really leaped to the next level in my game. I was very happy that lots of people came to the opening, and many participated in the talks Elena Perez, the managing director of Trondhjem kunstforening and I had about my work. The exhibition is in all three rooms and showing three lange tapestries installed in different ways and with different lighting. The work The Red Capsule was borrowed from National museum of decorative Arts and Design in Trondheim, right around  the corner where it is in the collection. Thanks to Markus Lantto for helping design and built the structures! Last day is 8th of May. Posting some images from installing the exhibition.

Installing_Trondheim01_2016 Installing_Trondheim02_2016 Installing_Trondheim03_2016