The Red Capsule

The Red Capsule deals with issues related to technology: Can technology save us from Armageddon? Can we control the technology? Is it our new religion? The Red Capsule expresses a hermetic existence, everything is controlled and “artificial”, nature is absent.  All the instruments shows that there are a complex world out there. The panels hide …

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Constructions at Works, Art & Design Festival, Edmonton, Canada

Duration: 23 juni – 5 juli 2011 My three round tapestries on the left. This exhibition of contemporary Norwegian arts and crafts is based on the concept of “construction” – in the sense of the way something is put together. The term is used in many fields, including architecture, engineering and geometry, music and language. In …

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Kaboom 2 by Kristin Sæterdal

Norsk tekstilkunst i et internasjonalt perspektiv

Norsk tekstilkunst i et internasjonalt perspektiv” i Trondheim Kunstmuseum. Søndag 5.12. kl. 13:oo åpner “Norsk tekstilkunst i et internasjonalt perspektiv” i Trondheim Kunstmuseum. 16 kunstnere deltar på denne utstillingen som både har en historisk del og en med samtidskunst. Blant kunstnerne er Hannah Ryggen, Frida Hansen og Jan Groth. Blant de yngre er Hans Hamid …

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Check this out, my Falling Stones piece is in it..

ATB8 catalogs are available for purchase now. Visit our website to order your copy today at an early bird special pricing. The American Tapestry Biennial opens at the Textile Society of America meetings, in Lincoln Nebraska, October 6-9, 2010. In addition to the opening events, there will be two sessions on Contemporary Tapestry with eight speakers, …

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Talk in Sandvika today

It was interesting to give an artist talk to Psycologists in Sandvika today. The Therapeutical aspects of  tapestry was discussed, and so was the dynamics between tearing down and building up. The demolishing power of the Kabooom, and the building up of making a tapestry could perhaps be inspiring in a mental process?

Kunstvisitten Akershus 2010

This “Kunstvisitten” solo exhibition is traveling to 15 venues in Akershus in 2010. I have the pleasure to give a talk about my work on each venue and meet a lot of different people

Trivselshagen in Sandane, Satellites

Satellites are the answer to themes suggested in the Public-art plan. It is the wish to strengthen the impulses from the outside world and to stimulate to creativity and curiosity.
Satellites make modern communication possible. In a Fjord like Sandane there are no horizon, one has to bend the neck and look up to see the sky where satellites circulate and send all the information you can ever ask for.
Tapestry is a reminder that our bodies are still tied to time and space while modern medias transcends this barrier.

Fritt Ord Foundation Glass Elevator

Public art project at ”Fritt ord” Foundation, Freedom of Expression, parkveien 2 Oslo.
The project is done in cooperation with Niels Marius Askim, Askim & Lanto Architects.
The elevator, placed centrally in the stairwell has got a white coat of white lasercut plexi.
It is letting light into the elevator and making it possible to see the movement of the elevator from the outside.

Kabooom 1 by Kristin Sæterdal

Fiberart International 2010

FIBERART INTERNATIONAL 2010, the 20th juried exhibition of the best in contemporary fiber art, will be in Pittsburgh April 16 through August 22, 2010 at two locations – Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Society for Contemporary Craft.