Remembrance of the sun

Remembrance of the Sun

I make large tapestries with motives that portray archetypal elements from landscape and architecture. The language of popular culture, Science fiction films, cartoons, computer games etc. inspires me. I omit super heroes, text and other narrative elements, so it’s just the environment, architecture, landscape, scenography that alone forms the motif. The Spectators herself can be

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Årsutstillingen 2012 Annual Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, Norway

My work ”The Blue Control Room” has been acceptet at the “Årsutstillingen 2012“. This is the Annual Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, Norway. It opened saturday 22. September at the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. The Jury  has chosen 48 artists and 71 works, among 244 artists and 736 works. More about the

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Ulp, glubb, svoosj..

 Tove Pedersen, Kristin Sæterdal and Tonje Høydahl Sørli. View more at 16. february – 18. march 2012 The three artists work with language of comics. In this exhibition, they want to explore this genre in dialogue with each other. Sørli, Sæterdal and Pedersen represent three generations of tapestry weavers. They all renew and continue

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The Red Capsule

The technology is today’s new religion. It will save us from the dangers that threaten our little blue planet be it natural disasters or man-made problems such as global warming and storage of nuclear waste. The question is whether we believe it or not. The last year has called infallible technology failed on both the

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