Ulp, glubb, svoosj..

 Tove Pedersen, Kristin Sæterdal and Tonje Høydahl Sørli.

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16. february – 18. march 2012

The three artists work with language of comics. In this exhibition, they want to explore this genre in dialogue with each other. Sørli, Sæterdal and Pedersen represent three generations of tapestry weavers. They all renew and continue the tradition of tapestry weaving as a fine art in Norway. Despite the similarities in content and techniques the artists have different starting points and expressions.

Sørli seek to problematize feminism, gender, and notions of love and sexuality througt her work. Sæterdal presents archetypal elements and situations from the scenography of comics. Pedersen’s work is humorous and her woven images are formed with a comic streak and clear and distinct colors.